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Welcome to Ivy Global School Entrance Test!

Chào mừng các bạn đến với bài thi đầu vào của trường Ivy Global!

There are 3 parts in the test: Reading (Reading vocabulary and Reading comprehension), Mathematics (Mathematics concepts, Mathematics computation, and Mathematics problems), and Language (Language Capitalization, Language Usage and Structure, và Language Spelling).

Bài thi gồm có 3 phần lớn: Reading (Reading vocabulary và Reading comprehension), Mathematics (Mathematics concepts, Mathematics computation, và Mathematics problems), và Language (Language Capitalization, Language Usage and Structure, và Language Spelling).

Time allowed/ Thời gian làm bài là: 45 phút.

Good luck!/ Chúc bạn làm bài thật tốt!

READING Vocabulary

Question 1- 12. Choose the BEST definitions for the bolded text .

1.    abnormal result

2.    grimy dishes

3.    prior meeting

4.    destroy the tower

5.    seek vengeance

6.    confusing question

7.    secure place

8.    cease war

9.    gritty water

10.    communicate directly

11.    genius boy

12.    take a vow

READING Comprehension

Read the text below, then choose the BEST answer for each item.

Electricity is a fascinating part of our modern world. Walk into a room, flip a switch, and the entire room is lit up. Almost every room in the modern American home has something that is charged with electricity. From computers, phones, and televisions to vacuums, blenders, toasters, and more — all need electricity to function.

So how do all of these electronics receive their power? Through the transfer of electrons. Any electrical device in your home is going to run off of an electrical circuit. This circuit is like a channel, made of wire that electrons can float through. When you attach these wires to a power source, like a battery, it gives the electrons voltage, so they can move. When the electrons move through the wire and reach an electrical device, it powers up and is ready to work.

An important note about electrical circuits is the way in which they function. The word circuit is similar to the the word "circle." This is helpful to remember because this is how circuits work. The wire must run from the electrical power source to the device, and then back to the power source, creating a circle. This allows the electrons to travel to the device and back from it.

Most electronics have an on/off switch to control the power flowing to the device. When the switch is off, it creates a break in the circle, which prevents the electrons from circulating back and forth. When the switch is turned on, it completes the circuit (closing the break), allowing the electrons to flow back and forth from the power source.

1.    This article is about

2.    How do electronic devices receive their power?

3.    When the wires are attached to a power source, it gives the electrons

4.    What happens when the electrons reach an electrical device?

5.    In order for a circuit to work, the electrons need to flow to the device and

6.    When the electrical switch is off, there is a

7.    The article compares the word "circuit" with the word


Calculate and mark your answers.

1.    5,878 + 6,982

2.    5 + .67 + 4.18 + 14.5

3.    (-9) + (-3)

4.    4.57 + 12.0039





9.    16.21 - 4.037

10.    $850 - $14.68


12.    71.35 - 7.08

13.    268 x 7


15.    7 x (-2)

16.    31.8 x .17

17.    239 x 23





Calculate and mark your answers

1.    If 8x = 72, then x =

2.    Ten thousand two is the same as

3.    How many seconds are equal to 12 minutes 40 seconds

4.    Find the length of the unknown side of the rectangle below:

5.    Which of the following numerals has a 7 in the thousands' place?

6.    The symbol for "square root" is

7.    Four and thirty-five hundredths means the same as

8.    Which of the following numbers has the greatest value?

9.    Which pair of numbers contains 2 factors of 15?

10.    1.5 x 4^3


Calculate and mark your answer

1.    Carolyn and her sisters had a bake sale. Carolyn made $3.70, Betty made $4.25, Joyce made $4.50, and Linda made $3.51. What was their average individual earnings?

2.    Wyatt bought a used dirt bike for $2,500. He paid $700 down and will pay the rest in 6 equal payments. How much will each payment be?

3.    From Monday through Thursday, Sasha sold 84 calendars. What was the average number of calendars Sasha sold each day?

4.    Mr. Olsen rents a car for $120 a month. If the rent is increased by 5%, how much more does he have to pay each month?

5.    Marie sells magazines for $30 each. She receives 20% commission on her sales. How much money does she earn for each magazine sold?

LANGUAGE Capitalization

For each item, choose the number of words that needs to be capitalized. If no word needs to be capitalized, choose the "N" for "None."

1.    One of my favorite series

2.    to read is The hobbit.

3.    the adventure, character, and plot

4.    about bilbo baggins is so

5.    exciting to read about. bilbo

6.    lives in The Shire, where

7.    he is a respectable Hobbit.

8.    he loves to listen to

9.    gandalf's story, and then gets

10.    to go on an adventure

11.    of his own. the hobbit

12.    was written by J.R.

13.    R. tolkien, who is one

14.    of my favorite authors. i

15.    read tolkien's books quite often

LANGUAGE Usage and Structure

In items below, decide if each statement is written in standard English. If the statement is in standard English, choose T. If it is NOT in standard English, choose F

1.    You should lie down.

2.    Let's us go shopping.

3.    A cup and a plate was in the sink.

4.    You can't hardly tell what color that is.

5.    The boys who went to the library was bored.

6.    Blue and green are my favorite colors.

7.    Lay the book on the table, please.

8.    The boy which is playing the piano is my brother.

9.    I told Anthony and Vince that there tickets expired.

10.    Who would like a cookie?

In the items below, decide if the original sentence is transformed correctly. If it is transformed correctly, mark T for True. If it is NOT transformed correctly, mark F for False.

11.    Claire lived in California.
The above statement can be transformed into a question which asks, "Did Claire live in California?"

12.    Claire lived in California.
The above statement can be transformed into a negative statement which reads, "Claire does not live in California."

Read the items below and choose the answer that best describes each preceding group of words. All punctuation marks have been intentionally removed from these items.

13.    The new girl in class speaks French fluently

14.    Jane played in the sandbox and Nadia jumped rope

Read items below and choose the best answer.

15.    Stephen wrote a kind letter.
In the above sentence, the bold words is

16.    The inflectional morpheme ending -est is added to


For each group of words below, fill in the space next to the word that is spelled wrong. If none of the words are spelled wrong, fill in the space next to the words "none of these."