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Chào mừng các bạn đến với bài thi đầu vào của trường Ivy Global!

There are 2 parts in the test: Listening, and Reading and Writing.

Bài thi gồm có 2 phần lớn: kiểm tra Kỹ năng NgheKỹ năng Đọc – Viết.

Time allowed/ Thời gian làm bài là: 55 phút.

Good luck!/ Chúc bạn làm bài thật tốt!


Listen and Answer. You can repeat each audio 3 times.

Part 1: Listen and choose the correct answers.

Phần 1: Nghe và chọn đáp án đúng.

00:00:00 - Listened time: 0

1.    Part 1 Question 1: Which class?

2.    Part 1 Question 2: When?

3.    Part 1 Question 3: Name of teacher?

4.    Part 1 Question 4: Comes to Center by

5.    Part 1 Question 5: Favorite Sport:

Part 2: What did Sally do last week? Listen and choose the day for the correct picture.

Phần 2: Sally đã làm những gì vào tuần trước? Hãy nghe và chọn ngày phù hợp với các hoạt động trong từng bức tranh nhé!

00:00:00 - Listened time: 0

6.    Part 2: Question 1

7.    Part 2: Question 2

8.    Part 2 Question 3

9.    Part 2 Question 4

10.    Part 2 Question 5

Part 3: Listen and choose the correct answers.

Phần 3: Nghe và chọn đáp án đúng.

00:00:00 - Listened time: 0

11.    Part 3 Question 1: Which girl is May’s sister?

12.    Part 3 Question 2: Where did Kim play?

13.    Part 3 Question 3: Which animals did Sam like best at the zoo?

14.    Part 3 Question 4: What did Jill buy at the shop?

15.    Part 3 Question 5: What is Ben’s mum cooking for supper?

Part 4: Listen and choose the correct color for each object. There is one example.

Phần 4: Nghe và chọn màu sắc đúng cho từng đồ vật. Xem ví dụ ở câu hỏi đầu tiên.

00:00:00 - Listened time: 0


17.    Part 4 Question 1

18.    Part 4 Question 2

19.    Part 4 Question 3

20.    Part 4 Question 4

21.    Part 4 Question 5


Part 1: Choose the correct pictures that the sentences describe.

Phần 1: Chọn bức tranh được miêu tả trong các câu văn.

1.    This is like a small town. There are houses and people in it.

2.    There are always a lot of trees in these.

3.    Boats go on this and fish live in it.

4.    You see these on most plants and trees.

5.    Cars, buses and lorries go on this. It is often grey.

6.    You have to cross water to go to this place.

Part 2: Look and read. Then choose YES or NO. There is one example.

Phần 2: Xem bức tranh và đọc các câu bên dưới. Lựa chọn YES nếu câu đúng với bức tranh hoặc NO nếu như câu không đúng. Xem ví dụ ở câu đầu tiên.


The biggest door is red and green.

8.    The man who is standing on a balcony is looking at a map.

9.    There are more blue birds than black birds.

10.    The smallest window in the house is square.

11.    The girl on the top floor is wearing a hat.

12.    There is a grey cloud above the mountain.

13.    The man who is washing a window is wet.

Part 3: Read the text and choose the best answer.

Phần 3: Đọc và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất.

14.    Example:

Jack’s dad: Hello, Jack. How was school today?

15.    Jack’s dad: What did you do?

16.    Jack’s dad: Who is your drawing teacher?

17.    Jack’s dad: Mrs. Brown? Is she the teacher with long, black hair?

18.    Jack’s dad: Is she a new teacher at your school?

19.    Jack’s dad: How often are your drawing lessons?

20.    Jack’s dad: Great. Let’s draw some pictures now.

Part 4: Read the story. Choose a word from the box. There is one example.

Phần 4: Đọc câu chuyện và chọn từ thích hợp để điền vào chỗ trống. Xem ví dụ ở câu số 0.


On my last (0) ______________, I went to Animal World. Animal World is a kind of zoo. I don’t always like zoos because sometimes the animals aren’t happy there – but Animal World is different. There are big, green fields for the (1) ______________, which love to jump and eat grass. The hippos have a (2) ______________ to swim in and there are lots of trees for the (3) ______________ to fly in. There’s a small farm with rabbits, goats and chickens. There are horses for the children to (4) ______________ in that part of Animal World, too. Children can learn a lot about the food that the animals like and the places they like to live in.
My uncle (5) ______________ me and my sister there in his car. I had a great day. When I got home, I (6) ______________ a picture of a tiger. I love it!

22.    (1) _____________

23.    (2) _____________

24.    (3) _____________

25.    (4) _____________

26.    (5) _____________

27.    (6) _____________

28.    Now choose the best name for the story.

Part 5: Read the story, then choose the word(s) to complete the sentences about the story.

Phần 5: Đọc câu chuyện dưới đây và chọn từ/cụm từ phù hợp để hoàn thành các câu.


It was a very sunny morning on Friday. Fred got up, had breakfast with his brother, and then read his new comic and looked at all the pictures in it. Then he put his books and pens in his school bag and said ‘Goodbye’ to his family. He rode his bike to school and put it next to the long wall there. All his friends’ bikes were there too.

29.    Examples:

On Friday, the weather was ________________.

30.    After breakfast, Fred looked at the pictures in his ________________.

31.    Fred carried his ________________ to school in his school bag.

32.    Fred went to school by ________________.

Fred went to his classroom and sat down. He put his school books on the desk and took off his jacket because it was hot in the room. The room was very quiet because the teacher wasn’t there. No children were there, only Fred. Then he looked out of the window. He saw lots of people outside on the grass.

33.    Fred put his ________________ on the desk when he sat down.

34.    Fred didn’t want to wear his ________________ because it was hot in the classroom.

35.    Outside the window, there were ________________ on the grass.

Fred saw his teacher there with his guitar. All his friends were there, too. In front of them were two clowns. The first clown threw a tomato and it went in the second clown’s mouth. All the children laughed. Fred thought, ‘Oh, yes! It’s our last day of school today. It’s the school party today, not lessons!’ Then he ran outside and sat down with his friends.

36.    ________________ had a guitar.

37.    ________________were in front of all the children.

38.    The children laughed when ________________ went in the clown’s mouth.

39.    The children had the ________________ because it was their last school day.

Part 6: Read the text, then choose the right words. There is one example.

Phần 6: Đọc bài văn và chọn từ đúng để điền vào chỗ trống. Xem ví dụ ở câu đầu tiên.

You need milk (0)________________ make cheese. You can make cheese from cow’s, sheep’s (1)________________ goat’s milk. (2) ________________ are lots of different kinds. A lot of people in the world eat cheese with bread for breakfast. In some places they eat it in the evening (3)________________ dinner. You can eat cheese with a lot of different food, for example on pasta and potatoes and in cakes.
Some children eat a lot of cheese because it is good for (4) ________________ teeth.
Often in stories and films, the favorite food of mice (5) ________________ cheese.

40.    Example:


41.    (1)________________

42.    (2)________________

43.    (3)________________

44.    (4)________________

45.    (5)________________