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Welcome to Ivy Global School Entrance Test!

Chào mừng các bạn đến với bài thi đầu vào của trường Ivy Global!

There are 3 parts in the test: Reading (Reading vocabulary and Reading comprehension), Mathematics (Mathematics concepts, Mathematics computation, and Mathematics problems), and Language (Language Capitalization, Language Usage and Structure, và Language Spelling).

Bài thi gồm có 3 phần lớn: Reading (Reading vocabulary và Reading comprehension), Mathematics (Mathematics concepts, Mathematics computation, và Mathematics problems), và Language (Language Capitalization, Language Usage and Structure, và Language Spelling).

Time allowed/ Thời gian làm bài là: 45 phút.

Good luck!/ Chúc bạn làm bài thật tốt!

READING Vocabulary

Question 1- 12. Choose the BEST definitions for the bolded text .

1.    abandon a house

2.    hazardous material

3.    rigid frame

4.    large diaster

5.    tardy offer

6.    find refuge

7.    begin a quest

8.    small ferry

9.    assist a friend

10.    latter plan

11.    expand the border

12.    brisk walk

READING Comprehension

Read the text below, then choose the BEST answer for each item.

In 1773, English Parliament passed the Tea Act, which gave the East India Company a monopoly over the American tea trade. A monopoly means that only one company, in this case the East India Company, is allowed to sell a product, which puts an end to the free market. Although this made the price of tea cheaper, Americans realized that English Parliament was controlling American trade and had the power to harm American business at any time. Public protests of the Tea Act grew quickly.

On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, planned to show English Parliament how they felt about the Tea Act. That evening at the Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, a group of 30 to 130 men, some dressed in the Mohawk warrior costumes, boarded the three ships and, over the course of three hours, threw all 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. The exact location of the original Griffin’s Wharf is still open to debate. This event came to be known as the Boston Tea Party.

As a result of the Boston Tea Party, English Parliament passed laws designed to punish the Americans. Among these laws were the Coercive Acts, or Intolerable Acts, which, among other events, ended local self-government in Massachusetts and closed Boston's trade. In turn, colonists up and down the Thirteen Colonies responded to the Coercive Acts with more acts of protest, and by assembling the First Continental Congress. Then, the First Continental Congress asked the British monarch for cancellation of the acts and organized colonial resistance to them.

The Boston Tea Party was an important event in the history of the American Revolution. The crisis continued to rise, and the American Revolutionary War began near Boston in 1775.

1.    This story is about

2.    When only one company is allowed to sell a product, its called

3.    When did the Boston Tea Party happen?

4.    The Boston Tea Party was

5.    How many chests of tea were thrown in the water?

6.    When did the American Revolutionary War begin?

7.    What did the English Parliament do in response to the Boston Tea Party?


Calculate and mark your answers.


2.    $12.87 + $0.52 + $1 + $3

3.    387 + 492


5.    $21.33 - $18.19

6.    $700 - $12.85







13.    1500 : 50

14.    990 : 6

15.    315 : 9







Calculate and mark your answers


2.    Which digit is in the hundred thousands place in the numeral 608,712,354


4.    Fifty thousands thirty-four is the same as

5.    How many seconds are equal to 5 minutes 50 seconds


7.    Which pairs of numbers contains 2 factors of 10?

8.    The Roman numeral XXIV means


Calculate and mark your answer





5.    Nick earns $900 a month. He gives 10% to charity. How much money does Nick give to charity each month?

LANGUAGE Capitalization

For each item, choose the number of words that need to be capitalized. If no word needs to be capitalized, choose the "N" for "None"

1.    My favorite sport to watch

2.    is hockey. I have several

3.    favorite teams in the National

4.    hockey league. In the eastern

5.    Conference, i like watching the

6.    carolina hurricanes when they play

7.    the pittsburgh penguins. in the

8.    western conference, i like to

9.    watch the chicago blackhawks play

10.    the colorado avalanche. this year,

11.    a new team from Las

12.    Vegas was added to the league

LANGUAGE Usage and Structure

In Items 1-20 below, decide if each statement is written in standard English. If the statement is in standard English, fill in answer space T. If it is not in standard English, fill in answer space F.

1.    I think that there sandwiches are the best.

2.    We boys had a good game.

3.    The chocolate was a treat for you and he.

4.    The flowers is beautiful.

5.    The shell sank deeper and deeper.

6.    When the sun had finally set.

7.    She eventually left the building.

8.    A bicycle and a car was in the driveway.

9.    You can't hardly hear a wordy she says.

10.    I should of thought if this sooner.

11.    The cat lay on a blanket last night.

12.    Where is you're warm coat?

Read Items 13-14 below and choose the answer that best describes each preceding group of words. All punctuation marks have been intentionally removed from these items.

13.    My mom likes coffee and my dad likes green tea.

14.    Because the lesson was very interesting

Question 15-16. Choose the BEST answer

15.    The inflectional morpheme ending -ed is added to

16.    Jack MADE a present for his friend.

In the above sentence, the capitalized word is


For each group of words below, choose the word that is spelled wrong. If none of the words are spelled wrong, choose "none of these".