Write a paragraph (minimum 100 words) about a fun trip that you had with your friends or family (45 minutes)

1.    In your paragraph, answer ALL of the following questions:

  • Where did you go on that trip?

  • When was that trip?

  • Who did you go with?

  • What did you do during your trip? Write at least 3 things you did on the trip in time order. Use sequencing words such as first, then, after, finally, etc. to organize and connect the events.

  • How did you feel during your trip?

  • How did you feel when the trip ended?

Be sure to

  • start your paragraph with a topic sentence that briefly introduces the trip you are writing about, and

  • end your paragraph with a concluding sentence that summarizes how you feel about the trip, or how it means to you.


Read the following questions carefully and answer by recording yourself.
Please record and submit each answer separately.

You can choose to either record directly on this website or record on your device and upload your files.


Step 1:Click the “Record” button and start speaking.
Speak as loudly as you can.
You cannot pause and resume, so make sure you have already prepared the answer to speak continuously.
Step 2:After you have finished, click “Stop”.
You can listen to your recording again by playing it.
If you wish to delete your recording to have a new one, press the "Record" button again.
Step 3:Continue with other answers.


Step 1:Record yourself on your device and save the file.
Step 2:Click “Choose file”. Click to choose the file that you already recorded and would like to submit.
Step 3:Click “Upload file”.
If you wish to change to another file after uploading, please take the same steps.

Length requirements:
Please speak for at least 30 seconds for each answer.
You should not speak for longer than 5 minutes/answer.
You can record multiple times before submitting. However, only 3 recordings will be allowed as final submission.

1.    What is your favorite school subject? Why do you like it?


2.    If you could be any animal, what would you be? And why?


3.    What makes you happy?